anxiety disorders
Post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD)

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My own personal experience/testimonial WHY ME! ...? WHY DO I FEEL LIKE THIS?

Everything was set for a BIG Christmas with family and friends when what seemed out of nowhere came this enormous truck, straight across the path of my car and all of a sudden... BANG. There was an unforgettable crunching of metal and the sound of breaking glass and tyres squealing as their pushed sideways. This 18 wheeler had me and my car in a 'death grip' and when I say 18 wheeler I mean it... I nearly saw all 18 of them because at one point my car was underneath the truck.

What saved me was a single panic driven flick of the wrist to turn my car left and I shot out from underneath the trailer and over the stormwater drain and onto the side of the highway.

There I sat shaking and wondering how to get out of the car. The truck had hit the rear panel of the car and then trailers wheels had bounced and travelled over the driver's door and then the front hood. The entire side of the car was crushed.

I gathered my thoughts after a moment and then thought of the danger of just sitting here... was there petrol leaking, could I smell smoke???.

I was able to free myself from the crushed driver's side and crawl out of the car on the passenger's side to freedom.

The feeling was surreal; I was in a trance, a dream like state.

I was so very thankful that I was still able to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends. Then almost immediately I started to have 'issues'.

I suffered from nightmares every night, and the images were burned into my brain, everything seemed too real. Each night I relived the tragic accident. I would panic, and suffer anxiety disorders throughout the night and day. The phobias were some of the worst part. I couldn't drive or even walk down the street if a big TRUCK or BUS was coming. I would get as far over as I could and would shake and pray that it would all go away.

I began seeing danger in everything, even sitting at a coffee shop; I couldn't sit outside because I thought a car might lose control and slam right into me. Then came the drinking, the bouts of anger and zero tolerance, this was just the bodies way of trying to cope with what's happening and trying to be tough at my weakest moments.

The difficult thing was that while suffering from the debilitating PTSD symptoms, I was also trying to hide it from my family and friends. To make matters worse, I was an executive responsible for multi-million dollar deals trying to hide my emotions, problems, and my lack of sleep from over 100 employees.

First my work suffered and then questions were asked and then people noticed my mood swings.

Something had to give before I spiraled into the abyss and I lost everything.


WELL - it did happen... I came close to losing it all!

I had to leave my highly paid executive position and then the family started to fall apart. Life with me and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was VERY difficult. I couldn't even live with myself.

You've heard the saying before... 'Can't live with him, Can't live without him'? Well it almost came to that.

I bought one book after the other from $75.00 to $139.00 each and every internet site and article possible just trying to find an answer and a miracle cure.

There I was going from therapist to psychiatrist to psychotherapist.

You name it... I did it, tried it, bought it, listened to it and paid $30,000 to $40,000 for it! Then this process came to me and within weeks I was well on my way to cure anxiety.
Finally the light at the end of the tunnel was getting bigger and bigger.

Woo Hoo, I was starting to feel GREAT... AGAIN.

The My PTSD Workbook is currently in the final stages of getting ready for printing and will be available as a hard copy very soon.

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“ This Workbook has given our family a future that we didn't think we had. It is now being used in the Trauma Counselling Centre where I work. This Workbook has helped to cure Soldiers, Policemen, Emergency Workers and victims of all types of trauma. We are 'SO THANKFUL' to GK Talbott and his team.”
Barbara Jeffreys
Qld Australia

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